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Awesome Aiming with Awesome Crosshairs! This set contains classical and science-fiction crosshairs.
For whatever category of weapon you need a crosshair for, this package should deliver it!.

Every single Crosshair was tested out to be well readable, even if it is scaled down to a rather small size.

Our worst nightmare would be your players missing a shot or not seeing their target!
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Awesome Crosshairs Package Features:
  • 32 Different Crosshairs
  • Each crosshair is saved as a 512 x 512 PNG File with Transparency
  • Every Crosshair comes in 5 Different Colors
    • [White / Red / Yellow / Green / Blue]
  • All Images are categorized and uniquely named

This package can be used everywhere.
You only need a Unity Asset Store Account to purchase it.
After the purchase the images within the package can be used for every purpose except for reselling.